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When designing your solar system, we take the following into consideration:

Your Needs

(placement of panels, aesthetics, etc.)

Orientation of Roof

(south facing roof followed by west is optimal)

Roof Condition

(roof needs to in acceptable condition in order to withstand a solar installation)


(roof planes used for solar should be clear of shading for optimal results)

Once these items are assed, we put together and AutoCad drawing with the following in mind:

Electric Main Panel Sizing and Break Slots Available

(this determines if a new panel is required)

Selecting the Right Solar Panel for your Home

Selecting an Inverter

Mounting and Railing 

(depending on roof type)

Roof Obstructions

(vents, skylights ,chimneys)

Building Codes

Layout Components

(panels, inverter, breakers)

Below is an example of a design you will receive prior to installation.

Website Planset Photo.PNG
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