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Neotric Power is committed to providing top level service for our customers during every phase of the project.  We provide a more cost effective way for you to get your power.

                        Solar Panels for your Home

                        Find out how much you can save on energy costs when you go solar

Our Service
Permission to Operate

Our first step in the process is to provide the homeowner educational information on solar. During the consultation, we will provide homeowners with financials so they can see how much they will be saving by making the switch.

One of our experts will come out and inspect the property to make sure your house is ready for solar.  Afterwards, one of our engineers will complete your engineered design for you to approve.

Our expert account manager's will make sure that the permits and paperwork to your city and utility company required are taken care of.

We will coordinate your installation with you during a time that is convenient for you. You can expect our installers to be on site for 4-8 hours.  After we are finished, we will show you how to turn your system on and off.

Once we receive permission from the utility company to operate, we will contact you and let you know that its time to turn your system on.

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